Uzel Plastik


  • 1 - Determination of customer demand
  • 2 - Offer Stage
  • 3 - Pre-Printing Preparation
  • 4 - Printing Confirmation
  • 5 - Production
  • 6 - Quality Control
  • 7 - Delivery
  • 8 - Permanence of Customer Satisfaction

"Reliable Service in Plastic Packaging"

Uzel Plastik, accepts the continuous development and improvement as the main objective by adopting the quality approach and excellence principle based on the customer satisfaction in all processes from production to delivery. It offers quality products and services that will meet the changing and developing needs of the customers by making investment in to training and technology. The customers know that their orders will be prepared and delivered at the highest quality in the shortest time and they will be helped by interesting with their all problems. For this reason " Secure Service in Plastic Package’’ has been the slogan of Uzel Plastik. The quality system is ensured to be applied by improving in Uzel Plastik which aims customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the quality. The suppliers, employees and customers are seen as business partners in Uzel Plastik and operations are carried jointly with them in mutual confidence.


Quality Policy

Uzel Plastic, since its foundation, has come to this day without making any concessions from universal, human and moral rules. By adopting the quality approach and the principle of excellence in customer satisfaction in all processes, from production to shipment, it has adopted continuous development and improvement as the main goal. By investing in education and technology, Uzel offers quality products and services to meet the changing and evolving needs of its customers.

Our customers know that their orders will be prepared and delivered as soon as possible, in the best quality, and we will help them with all kinds of problems. For this reason, "Reliable Service in Plastic Packaging" is the slogan of Uzel Plastic.

Uzel Plastic;

- Aims continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and quality

- Providing the quality management system to be created, developed and implemented

- With the precision of "tailor made"

- Is an organization that considers its suppliers, employees and customers as partners and cooperates with them in mutual trust.

Environment Policy

UZEL PLASTIC is committed to respecting and protecting the environment, reducing pollution, and using resources efficiently while doing business. In order to leave a more livable world for future generations, Uzel Plastik has made all its employees aware of the protection of natural resources and sustainable development.

The principles we adopt are;

  • Meeting the environmental obligations defined under the applicable national and international legal provisions
  • Doing studies that ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities
  • Minimizing the pollution and wastes
  • Having the hazardous wastes to be disposed with the minimum environmental impact possible
  • Determining the recyclable wastes and classifying them in proper containers to increase the recycling rate

Food Safety Policy

In UZEL PLASTIK, our basic principle is to carry on the production activities pursuant to the current legal conditions, the conditions declared by the customer and the food safety requirements by placing a premium on “Customer Satisfaction.”

Our main objective is to deliver the produced goods on time under hygienic conditions, and to ensure continuity of quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide the continuous improvement and development of food safety management system by offering good production and hygiene applications and proper environmental conditions.

We establish an effective communication with suppliers, customers and other relevant units taking part in food chain concerning the food safety matters.

We engage in continuing training activities for increasing the knowledge and skill levels of the personnel by adopting a personnel policy involving trained and conscious personnel in all levels.

OHS Policy

In UZEL PLASTIC, precautions and implementations concerning occupational health and safety are essential parts of business and production processes.

The principles we adopt are;

  • Continuously improving the activities regarding occupational health and safety
  • Acting in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation in force and with standards defined by the institutions we are a member of
  • Ensuring the predetermination and elimination of dangers by making accurate risk assessments on time
  • Raising the awareness of employees about occupational health and safety
  • Fulfilling the resource needs regarding occupational health and safety on time wholly