Uzel Plastik


Graphic and Pre-Printing

Consumers mostly decide according to the package of the product rather than the product put inside the package. The thing required for creating difference and being recognized of your products at market shelves is a correct design.


The needs of the customers are determined in Pre-Printing department which is the first stage of production. The designs are prepared according to the needs or existing designs are made ready for printing. The high quality and low printing block costs provide a great benefit for the customers.


The Uzel Plastik printing team which is specialist in its field use professional equipment having advanced technology and current software besides their experience to realize the ideas of the customers. By this way, the visual quality of the products is secured.

Flexo Printing

Each package produced in Uzel Plastik has the same quality standards in terms of both design and print colours.


The products reach to maximum quality thanks to the precious machine park having advanced technology. The print machines which are able to make flexo printing with speed of 400 meters per minute up to 10 colours offer quick service with non-stop winding systems while ensuring the continuity of printing quality with automatic printing monitoring system.


Quality sustainability is provided in work repeats while the products reach to high printing quality thanks to the Graphical Positioning System which is started to be used together with the newly made flexo printing machines investments. By this way, the continuity of the works may be able to be provided at highest levels.


The lamination of the films flexo printing works of which are completed is performed by lamination techniques with and without solvent in modern facilities of Uzel Plastik.

Lamination procedures are applied to prevent contact of the surface with the food in case of food products.

The products are laminated with two or more layered combinations of BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, BOPA, ALU and paper products. Adhesives suitable to food safety standards are used during lamination procedures.

Moreover, the shelf lives of the packed products are provided to be increased by adding resistance and barrier feature to the packages thanks to lamination procedure. The lamination procedures to be applied vary acceding to the industry of the products manufactured. The thing which is determinative here is the expectation of the customer.

Converting and Bag-Making

The last stage in production is converting and bag making. The products printing and lamination of which are completed are brought in the form of roll by slitting at the desired dimensions.


The products are directly sent to storage and shipment departments if they will be used at automatic packing machines.


If the products will be produced as bags, they are brought in to form of bag by cutting in the desired dimensions at the cutting machines in line with the demand of the customer. Pillow type, corrugated, doypack, quattro, zip-lock bag productions are offered specially for the customers in processes of slitting and bag production.


Also, wicket bags may be able to be produced for automatic filling lines. The ‘’tailor-made’’ products are made ready for shipment upon completion of the last stage of production.